MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging




 Neurological   ▫   Musculoskeletal   ▫   Body / Organ   ▫   MR Angiography

CT- Computed Aided Tomography




Neurological   ▫   Chest / Abdomen / Pelvis   ▫   Musculoskeletal   ▫   Coronary Calcium Scoring   ▫   CT Angiography   ▫   HRCT

US – Ultrasound


An ARDMS registered technologist utilizing GE Logic ultrasound equipment is very experienced in your needs and that of your patients. High-quality gray-scale and color Doppler vascular imaging combined with patient care, adjusted to the necessities of the patient’s comfort level are our highest priority. We offer a wide range of sonographic exams enabling accurate diagnosis of your patient’s problems.



XR – Radiologic Exams


Registered technologists are able to provide your patients with high quality, low dose x-rays on a walk-in basis. This painless procedure typically only takes about 20 minutes and report turnaround is same day. We are always happy to make a stat phone call as requested by you. Significant findings as seen by our radiologist will always  be called as a wet-reading.


Chest   ▫   Abdomen   ▫   Spine   ▫   Extremities   ▫   Skull

DX – Dexa


Arthrography and Pain Management


Should your patient experience an adverse symptom involving joint and soft tissue structures, modality-guided injection of imaging contrast directly into the joint will aid in making a more definitive diagnosis. At MSI, our MSK sub-specialized radiologist, with 20 years of experience is available to offer standard, CT, or MRI arthrography of any joint.


Pain management or diagnostic steroid and/or lidocaine injections are used to assist in alleviating joint pain. A diagnostic intra-articular injection of marcaine may help further distinguish articular vs. extra-articular pain. These procedures are offered in a private, comfortable room.